Juniper Networks expands partner program

Artificial intelligence and networks Juniper Networks expands partner program

Juniper Networks is in the automation and user experience to Artificial intelligence. The AI-driven Enterprise-forward strategy to extend the network supplier its partner program to support partners in building.


For the goal of a KI-based company, partnerships are necessary.
For the goal of a KI-based company, partnerships are necessary.

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Already on the Juniper Virtual Summit, the focus was on Artificial intelligence. In order to bring the AI-driven Enterprise strategy, further progress, the network supplier for a new global Juniper Partner Advantage program (JPA). In the framework of the programme, partners will receive high premiums. Furthermore, the company plans to make in the next year further investment. They concentrate on:

  • Increase profitability through partner stores with more incentives
  • Additional Incentive Rewards
  • Growth – and Partner-led premium initiatives

In addition, the network creates a supplier of Tools for the real-time insight into the partner’s business and digital marketing functions. In addition, in the future, a new automated Partner Support service program to simplify the business. The JPA program 2021 combined also the son of a Partner program, and allows for a uniform program structure and control.

Additional Plus Programs

Furthermore, there is a new Partner Plus program, which aims to offer exclusivity, Field-Readiness-Enablement, and other financial incentives. The Enterprise Partner program has been designed to accelerate and the award of Enterprise sales, and numerous programs and Incentives provides to the growth of KI-sales through partners.

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