For Huawei it’s the nitty-gritty: all the problems, it could leave the group has, as yet, to support the back of the Chinese home market. Thus the conclusion is now. The largest mobile phone manufacturer is now another.


As Huawei has been assigned to U.S. sanctions, it was for many Chinese, as a matter of course, to support the company. “Right now”, was the motto and the purchase of a Huawei Smartphones quasi-Patriotic duty as citizens. That was a good two years and, now, the times seem to have in the people’s Republic of changed.

Huawei is no longer the largest mobile phone manufacturer in China

According to market researchers Counterpoint Research had to Huawei to give up the title as the largest mobile phone manufacturer in the country. New Number 1so the Figures from the January, 2021, now Oppo – for the first time in history. The Smartphone brand has reached a Market share of 21 percentwhat it means to be a strong growth of 26 percent compared to the previous year. Place 2 Vivo with 20 percent, Huawei, Apple and Xiaomi with follow 16 percent.

Both the Oppo as well as Vivo are both part of BBK Electronics, as well as OnePlus. In the West little-known manufacturer combines more than 40 percent of all Smartphone sales in China are on.

Here, Huawei-Fans will be able to access:

Market researchers for sure: “Huawei downward trend will continue”

The reasons for Huawei crash in China, Counterpoint Research are in fact mostly on the tightening of US sanctions due. While access to the Google Play is irrelevant in the people’s Republic services, however, Huawei has less and less to high-quality parts in stock to build Smartphone flagships. On Chinese customers, however a lot of value. The sale of the subsidiary brand Honor has also contributed to Huawei’s market share to decline. “Huawei’s downward trend will continue,” said the gloomy forecast of the market researchers. Whether Huawei’s success in the Smartwatch market be able to absorb these losses, is at least questionable.