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Channel focus: Cloud platform & market places One-Stop shop for Cloud Business

The purpose of the Cloud marketplaces is the marketing of Cloud Offerings largely automated processing. Meanwhile, offered through the platforms, but also additional services such as architecture, design and / or migration services.


On Cloud marketplaces, the offer is as diverse as their analog counterparts.
On Cloud marketplaces, the offer is as diverse as their analog counterparts.


Cloud marketplaces are nothing more than E-Commerce systems. Also companies that deal with Cloud services, to wrap, to a large extent the interaction with suppliers and customers-automatically, from the procurement and presentation of the Services on the ordering and provisioning processes, up to the billing. From the point of view of the customer, the platforms as Online catalogs for the purchase of Cloud is Offered.

An important function of the market places to meet in the Distribution that acts as an Intermediary between Cloud providers and retailers. As a pioneer in the German market, the Arrow went live in September 2012 with arrow sphere at the Start. Between autumn 2014 and autumn 2015, the three broad liner So, Ingram Micro, and Tech Data to moved with their platforms. To the marketplace operators, ADN, Siewert & Kau and Westcon-Comstor in the meantime. Without automated systems distributors could not handle the mass of ordering and billing processes in the Cloud business difficult or impossible. Alone in the marketing of SaaS Offerings multiply the amount of transactions compared to the traditional licensing is on a monthly billing cycle. Of complexity to the Billing in the case of IaaS is to be calculated, where resources on a monthly basis according to consumption. Since both Cloud providers and Resellers are connected via APIs to the market places, the whole process chain to be consistently mapped.

More than just a transaction platform

The platforms of the distributors automate not only the settlement of transactions. Usually, they offer additional features that allow dealers to manage your customers or your Cloud business can analyze. In General, the systems are available as a white label, so that Resellers can integrate the Online catalogs from your distribution partner in your own shop. In addition, the broad liner Ingram Micro on its marketplace since mid-2020, in addition to Cloud Services, but also services such as Cloud Assessment, design and architecture, as well as migration and operation support. Therefore, partners are able to book these Services for your customers ‘ projects on the platform.

Except for the distributors also have a system built houses such as Bechtle and Cancom and license retailers such as Crayon (Cloud-iQ), and SoftwareOne (PyraCloud) own platforms. About end users can obtain the Services of different providers. In particular, Crayon provides its technology to other companies in the Channel. Cloud-iQ the Distributor Komsa and the retailer composite Synaxon make, for example, your partners, the Cloud-Portfolio of Microsoft access.

Market places of the Hyper-scalers

Not least the Hyper entertain scaler own market places. Their ISV partners distribute it applications to the infrastructure of the Provider to operate. IaaS-pioneer AWS has opened in December 2020 marketplace for Professional Services. Since Consulting can offer Partner services, which assist clients in the deployment of the Software in the Cloud. Users have the ability to obtain applications and Professional Services in one operation. The Hyper-scaler seems to be a similar path to that of the Distributor, Ingram Micro, which also offers services through its platform. Generally speaking, Cloud marketplaces to develop more and more from transaction systems to One-Stop Shops for customers and sales partners.

More diversity on the AWS Marketplace, service providers can now provide Professional Services.

Eric grid, Cloud Director, Ingram Micro, is pushing for the support of partners in the IaaS business.

The Cloud-based business provides many ICT dealer before challenges. Crayon supports Synaxon-partners in their management.

Steffen Ebner, B2B Executive Board in Komsa, is not important that a Partner in the Cloud business to lose the control over their customers.