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Horizons 2021 MSPs on the rise

Remote work has superseded in the IT services business long before the home office Boom, the Administration by so-called “sneaker LAN”, where the Admin went to walk from computer to computer, for example, firmware Updates. The year 2020, intensified the disruptive nature of the technology.


MSPs are one of the winners of the current IT Trends.
MSPs are one of the winners of the current IT Trends.

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If Michael Gutsch, Regional Sales Manager at Datto had to guess, he would say that the Situation in the year 2020, to have accelerated the digitization process in the sense of “work from Home” or “work from anywhere”, so by about two years. Credit assumes that the newly furnished home jobs in the SME sector will largely remain in place, because it had shown that it works: “The employees are productive, if not even more productive.”

Accelerated Alignment Process

Managed Services lagged in the ROOF space to other regions. In particular, the USA and the UK were in terms of Cloud adoption and the topic of working from home much more, the Datto Manager. In this respect, the alignment have accelerated the process.

Michael Gutsch, Regional Sales Manager, Datto

Michael Gutsch, Regional Sales Manager, Datto

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“It was necessary that the way of thinking changes, so that you do not need to have IT mandatory, but also can rent,” says Gutsch.

In terms of the Capex-Opex subject to a race with such Offers, in the case of balance responsible already open doors. The costs are more predictable, for example, in the question of what are the equipment for a new employee costs; but also in the light of the overall balance sheet ratios in the company’s equity by renting instead of buying will increase, which can reduce funding costs.

Perspective of the IT service provider

From the perspective of an IT service provider can be enhanced with Managed Services according to the of credit of the company’s value, “because long-term obligations, lead to a steady and predictable revenue.”

Concerns about the “Pay-as-you-go” approach in Managed Services, so the quick Terminability of contracts, want to relativize the Datto Manager with the Argument that this is in practice not a big Problem: “Who delivers good work, will not lose its customers, if this is the offer elsewhere to three per cent cheaper. In addition, in the Managed Services to be laced-business packages, which are often difficult to compare.“

Complex scenarios in the MSP business

In addition, customers will take, according to credit, including long-term contracts in purchasing, for example, if there are packages to Business Continuity, or more complex Security: “It’s not in the interest of the customers here all the time to switch to the MSP.” In these more complex scenarios at the beginning, more project work may be to make, but, thanks to optimized processes, fault waving in the longer perspective, lucrative duration conditions.

“The crisis has shown that MSPs are on the right track with regard to IT in the future,” says Managed Services expert. “A successful Partner understands what problems the customer has and offers the appropriate Services.”

Ransomware and MSPs

The topic of Ransomware in the MSP environment is quite important. “I know of no MSP is personally known to, was hacked, and in the second step, of its customers, but there were such cases,” says Gutsch. Datto raising the awareness of its Partner in terms of Two-factor authentication in the Backend, and accepts as a responsibility of the manufacturer, so credit it to: “Since December, our RMM solution provides a Ransomware detection and hardening our systems through regular Penetration testing, just to name examples.”