Smartphones are used more and more and therefore also longer. Exactly for the case of Xiaomi wants to integrate in the future in its mobile phones to be a really useful function that should actually have any Android Smartphone. GIGA has the Details for you.


Xiaomi wants to better inform about the condition of the battery

One of the most important parts of a Smartphone the battery is. If this is weakening with time, the device runs shorter, and in the worst case, even faster than it would with the battery indicator suspect. Xiaomi, according to want to Smart droid soon to be a feature in its Smartphones integrate, which gives more information about the battery price. So you get a little history provided. Xiaomi will show the condition of the batteries in four stages:

  • Bad
  • Normal
  • Well
  • Excellent

In addition, the temperature and the charging operations of the energy are shown memory. If Xiaomi user in the future, so that the duration of the mobile phones is decreasing rapidly, and you have to reload to often, then you can inform himself there, whether the battery is still in good condition. So you can learn also, whether the battery is already at the Limit or is it an App or game running in the Background, and the maturity of solid shortening. In addition, you can see the re-sale or second-hand purchase, if the battery is in good condition. Such information can be obtained, otherwise, not so easy. The battery must be replaced, the result is often high costs.

How Xiaomi beats the new iPhone:

Xiaomi introduces a new feature soon

The new feature in the analysis of the condition of the battery in Xiaomi phones will be distributed soon with a Software Update. Currently, it is not known when exactly that will be the case. Well it’s possible that newer models like the Xiaomi Mi 11 will get the feature first. Especially in the case of phones with a new quick charge function, in the case of batteries with high watt numbers extremely quickly to be charged, is the health of the energy storage an important issue. So it has the wear and tear is always in view.