New roles for database administrators

IT Trends 2021 New roles for database administrators

This year has brought for all of us, drastic changes, not least for IT professionals. Ales Zeman, Senior Manager, EMEA Pre-Sales &Professional Services at Quest Software, takes a look ahead to the future of the DBA in the next twelve months.


A database collects data and connects to a logical unit. The Verrwaltung of the resulting amount of data is becoming more and more important.
A database collects data and connects to a logical unit. The Verrwaltung of the resulting amount of data is becoming more and more important.

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2021 will increase the importance of the database administrator (DBA) more. Not only must he improve the Database Development lifecycle, and the Performance of databases increase. 2021 he will also be an important Advisor in terms of CloudOps, HybridOps and DataOps. As companies rely increasingly on DBaaS, you need to DBA to spend gradually less time for routine database administration. Thus, you get the necessary flexibility to deepen your expertise, databases, Workloads, fluctuations in the consumption of resources, and Build processes in the database development. In the result, they are able to have your lamb market garden Knowledge in multi-disciplinary Teams involved in ensuring that the Cloud, hybrid environments, and the data pipeline in enterprises functioning smoothly.

The home office remains

The Trend to the home office will change in 2021, the work of the DBA and the way affect how the DBA to stay connected with each other and organize themselves. Particularly in the course of the next year a significant is the increase in the use of Collaboration to observe Tools like Slack and Microsoft Teams, which will be used by DBA for the database management and Monitoring. These Tools allow the DBA to automate processes and simplify collaboration with your team, to ensure everyone has easy access to the required data, no matter where he is.

The amount of data grows

In the next year, the data to be processed quantity is expected to continue to rise, according to an IDC report, 40 percent by 2022. This, in particular, the DBA faces huge challenges, because they are every day involved in the cleanup and maintenance of this data. Here, a data protection officer with to get into the boat. He can help the DBA Team to establish processes for the classification of the types of data and control where they are stored. This is to ensure that the organization from unnecessary fines or loss of Reputation spared, due to a lack of compliance with regulations.

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