For the past five years, she haunts as a Phantom through the rumor mill. Now there is finally a public confirmation of the fact that OnePlus is on the finishing straight. A reasonably specific release date has been announced, the CEO of the company now. What can we expect?

OnePlus, The company behind the “flagship killers, the“

OnePlus: Smartwatch is coming in the spring of 2021

About five years after the first announcement of the Chinese manufacturer OnePlus has confirmed officially and publicly that there will be a Smartwatch. As Pete Lau in the case of Twitter mentionsshould the smart watch in the spring of 2021 on the market. A more specific date has not yet been called. However, it is assumed that the producer will reveal its first Smartwatch along with the phone OnePlus 9. Here is a presentation could be, maybe in February or March of 2020. In the last years, the manufacturer has brought forward the release of its spring-mobile phones more and more.

Meanwhile, some Details have come to light, when it comes to the features of the “OnePlus Watch”. For the processor-it should be no Surprise, because here’s no way around it currently on the Snapdragon Wear 4100. Most recently, it was also confirmed that the Wear OS from Google as the operating system is used. You would like to work closely with Google to improve the Software on the Smartwatch from OnePlus. The CEO of OnePlus, it would Wear OS is still “a lot”.

This should be considered before buying a Smartwatch:

“OnePlus Watch”: there is Much that still remains unclear

What other features OnePlus its Fans would like to convince, to decide the Smartwatch is not yet clear. How big the smart watch and what Sensors you have equipped is, is not yet advised to the Public. In October 2020, which had been published after all, a few drawings, which show a old prototype. This was originally supposed to go in the year 2016 in the sale – but that as we know is nothing of the kind.