Samsung sets. The South Korean group has already supplied some of the Smartphones with the latest Android Update, now the Tablets are on the series. With the big Software Update and practical new functions are introduced.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 (Plus)

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 with Android 11 new features

Samsung on the Gas, and now with the Rollout of Android 11 for the Galaxy-Tab-S7-tablet started. The devices are not only easy to date, but useful functions advanced. Samsung is promoting with the new Software Update, the collaboration between different devices. The basic requirement under the Android One UI 3.1. This is installed on a Smartphone such as the Galaxy S21, content is much easier directly between the devices to share. You can work in one App at the point where you have on the Tablet or phone off. There is also the keyboard of the Galaxy Tab, the S7 can be directly on the Galaxy S21 use, if you want to type a longer Text.

However, not only the Interaction between the Android devices is extended. Samsung also allows a better cooperation with Windows devices. You can use the Galaxy Tab S7, for example, as a second screen. Windows can be or the advanced screen, mirrored. Exactly as if you had connected a second Monitor to the PC. All this works without any additional Apps.

What it has to offer, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus so as to:

Android 11: Update is slow

After the Android-11-Update first arrived in South Korea on the Galaxy Tab, the S7 and its modifications, it is now also Germany. The owner of the Tablets may, therefore, come soon to enjoy the new features. The full scope of the Changes you will experience, but probably only with time, if you have the right Samsung phone with the One UI 3.1. The Galaxy S21 starts with this Software, in just a few days.