Video bars for the hybrid office

Logitech Rally Bar and Rally Bar Mini Video bars for the hybrid office

With the new video bars, Rally Bar and Rally Bar Mini Logitech video conferencing in cinema wants to make quality possible. In addition, the manufacturer offers with the RoomMate is a stand-alone data processing unit for Logitech-conference systems.


Logitech describes the Design of its Rally Bars as elegant and minimalist.
Logitech describes the Design of its Rally Bars as elegant and minimalist.

(Image: Logitech)

The new devices can be used to Logitech and according to together with a PC or independently in the Appliance Mode. Would supports video conferencing through Microsoft Teams, and Zoom, as well as GoToMeeting, Pexip, and RingCentral. Alternatively, the video bars could be connected via USB to a conference room PC or Mac, or a Notebook, to use more video conferencing Services, which are not supported in the Appliance mode.

4K resolution and KI

The liquid swivel and tilt function, as well as the 4K resolution is intended to convey the feeling of a personal meeting. The Rally Bar will offer a five-times optical Zoom that can be digital 15-fold enlarged. Both bars come with the Logitech right sense technology and the AI Viewfinder of a second camera for computer vision Features. The camera can recognize human shapes and their location in space in real time. Thus, the accuracy of the automatic framing and the camera controller by Logitech right, will improve sight, so that Meeting participants are always in focus, so the manufacturer.

Microphones and speakers

Each voice should be clearly heard – in order to meet this requirement, uses Logitech on speaker with low distortion and Beamforming microphones that are able to vote from any place of the room to capture clear. The focus is on the active speaker. At the same time loud and quiet voices would be compensated automatically, and unwanted noise is suppressed. In addition, an “Anti-Vibration Suspension System minimize” the vibrations of the speaker, which can penetrate through walls, desks, and tables.

Installation and Management

According to Logitech, the mounting options allow easy Installation in a minimum of space. The pre-configured setup takes only a few minutes, and with Logitech Sync, or other devices Management Dashboard, is it possible to monitor the video bars on a single platform and to manage. Using metrics such as the number of persons in the room allowed for the video bars in addition, insights into the use of the conference, behavior rooms. This is for the room occupancy limits of hybrid jobs is important.

Video conferencing in large rooms

Will complete the Portfolio with the Logitech RoomMate, a stand-alone data processing unit for Logitech-conference systems, such as the Rally Plus. So will also allows in large rooms, the use of video conferencing Services without an additional Computer.