Saturn insider unpacks: with these price codes you save a lot

19,99 Euro, 249,98 Euro, 1.597 Euro – we see such crooked prices all the time. But what’s behind it? A supposedly former employee of Saturn reveals insider tips with which resourceful shoppers can get something out of the price again.

The psychological tricks behind an end customer price of, for example, 249.99 euros for the new smartphone are well known. The 249 euros simply look cheaper than 250 euros, although it makes practically no difference in the merchant’s cash register. But there seems to be more behind the crooked prices.

Saturn employees: price tags suggest bargains

A former employee in the sale of Saturn is now clarifying this, according to his own statement. In an AMA (Ask Me Anything – „ask me Everything“) Reddit user CharmingBoar gives information about the secret code behind the pricing system. The thread is not verified, so the statements should be treated with caution. But the tips seem reliable and you can finally let it come down to a try.

Attentive customers should be able to recognize good chances of a bargain if you take a closer look at the last digit in the prices of interesting products, it says (Source: Reddit): A „7“ in the last place – whether in the euro or cent range is not decisive – stand for „Altware“. She could be „theoretically older than 3 months, realistically older than 6 months“, so from the point of view of the dealers, she is on the best way to become a storekeeper.

If you find something suitable here, you can let the negotiating skills play. Because the merchants want to get rid of the goods – „there can be properly negotiated“, such is the assessment. At a „8“ in the end, Saturn would have a large margin, but also good chances to sell without discount. The chance to negotiate the price down here is low.

How you can also save on online shopping, you can see here:

Probably most often, on the other hand, we see the prices that end on a „9“. These are the standard articles, a success in haggling is practically excluded. Another insight: For Saturn, according to CharmingBoar, the The largest margin for accessories such as charging cables. Accordingly, the opportunity to secure a good deal is better here than elsewhere.

Smartphones also have a decent margin. However, the good offers would usually be offered in a contract deal. For technical devices in general, i.e. the majority of the Saturn range, the possibility of a price discount is lower. Which the best deals are generally available on Black Friday.

Attention: There is no guarantee of success in haggling

But beware: also in the Reddit thread it is emphasized that not every market is the same here. So even if you come across a price that fits into the scheme, it also depends on your own negotiating skills whether you can still do something about the price. If you want to try it, you should also consider the Take time to stop by the store during the week. If there is a lot going on on Saturdays or just before work, it is already difficult enough – for the employees – to find time for a conversation with you.

We have asked Saturn for comment on the pricing information and will add it here as soon as it is available.

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