Smart home products from Bosch on sale

Smart home products ensure comfort and security in your own four walls. One of the pioneers in this area is Bosch. Currently, many smart home products from the traditional German manufacturer are reduced at Saturn. We present some of them.


Fantastic discounts on smart home products from Bosch

That Smart home services from Bosch it’s a lot of different, so here’s just a quick overview. Directly at Saturn, however, many of the products are currently reduced. In any case, take a look at the Saturn overview page.

All Bosch Smart Home products at Saturn

Bosch 360° Indoor camera

Everyone wants to have their own belongings protected. Which unobtrusive interior camera shows what is going on in the house when you are not at home or in another part of the apartment. It registers movements, can be controlled remotely via app, has power over the Night vision mode even things that are hidden by conventional cameras are visible and the images are beamed live or as a recording from the 8 GB memory to the mobile phone – all this in crisp clarity 1080p resolution. Thanks to a two-way audio system, you can also have conversations via the device.
The camera currently costs instead of 249,95 Euro at Saturn only 152.99 euros.

Bosch Smart Home 360°-Indoor camera

Bosch Smart Home 360° Indoor Camera

Price may be higher now. Price from 01.06.2022 07:44 o’clock

Bosch radiator thermostat

With smart thermostats, you can intelligently regulate the heating in your own four walls, so much energy and thus Save money. On the basis of schedules, but also on the basis of presence and other factors, the desired room temperature is programmed with them, so that only where and as much heating as is really necessary is always heated.
Instead of 64.95 euros, the thermostat costs at Saturn at the moment only 38,99 Euro.

Bosch Smart Home Heatingörperthermostat

Bosch Smart Home Radiator Thermostat

Price may be higher now. Price from 01.06.2022 07:36 o’clock

Bosch Water Sensor

If the washing machine leaks or the basement is under water, it can be really expensive. This sensor provides fast and reliable information about impending water damage and so, in the event of a case, can save a lot of trouble and money.
The sensor costs 49.95 euros, at Saturn at the moment only 39,99 Euro.

Bosch Smart Home Water Sensor

Bosch Smart Home Water Sensor

Price may be higher now. Price from 01.06.2022 08:00 o’clock

Bosch Smart Home Gateway

The gateway is the central unit of the Bosch smart home system. (Image source: Bosch)

The smart home gateway is the Headquarters for linking all smart devices from Bosch. It ensures smooth communication between the devices, serves to integrate new devices into the network, enables control and programming via the Bosch Smarthome app and provides the Connection to other systems for example, Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

The gateway is connected directly to the router by cable. All data is securely encrypted end–to-end and is only used locally by default – data is only sent if users explicitly request it, for example to establish a connection to external services and third-party smart home systems.

The Bosch Smart Home Gateway is available at Saturn for currently 56,99 Euro instead of regular 99,95 Euro.

Bosch Smart Home Gateway

Bosch Smart Home Gateway

Price may be higher now. Price from 01.06.2022 07:43 o’clock

Smart home – do I need it?

Need not necessarily, but want. Regardless of whether you live in a one-room apartment or a palace, smart home products increase comfort, help save money and make owners sleep more soundly. For example, mobile phone voice assistants and smart speakers can be used to instruct you by voice to dim the light, increase the room temperature or lower the shutters. It gets even better if you automate these processes – there are hardly any limits to your imagination here. With Bosch smart home products, you play it safe, both in terms of quality and privacy and data protection.

All Bosch Smart Home products at Saturn

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