Smartphone is more important than a kidney

OnePlus Survey Smartphone is more important than a kidney

That the Smartphone has become an important companion, is nothing new. It is interesting to note, however, how important the mobile phone is for the one or the other really. Would you prefer not to your kidney than to your Smartphone?


In Europe, five per cent would give up their Partner than their cell phone.
In Europe, five per cent would give up their Partner than their cell phone.

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Smartphones have become through the Corona pandemic for many people is very valuable and will be considered in some cases as more important than their own Partner. The at least one of OnePoll for OnePlus survey of 9,000 Smartphone users in Europe, when asked how the Lockdown will affect the use of mobile phones showed.

In the study, more than 95 percent of sleeping with the Smartphone in the same room, almost eight out of ten have it at any time in the direct range, and 77 percent check it within the first 15 minutes after Waking up for the first Time.

Also, users want to have their chargers are always within reach. 43 per cent to charge your Smartphone two or more times of the day. More than 170 Respondents across Europe stated that you are connecting in 24 hours the Smartphone five Times or more in the current. The survey also showed that German in a European comparison, slopes of the Smartphone rather late to the charging cable when the battery level of eleven percent to 20 percent.

German, the Smartphone is more important than a kidney, or of the Partner

Bizarre responses the participants gave to the issue of what your Smartphone would trade-in: 44 of the German respondents stated they prefer one of their kidneys to give up the Smartphone, a higher percentage than in France and Italy. In the whole of Europe, even five per cent would give up their Partner than their cell phone. Here, however, there are large regional differences: 13% of the Finns prefer to abandon their car, 44 per cent of the Dutch chocolate and 31 percent of French people on television. Less than two per cent of Italians prefer the Smartphone to the Partner – the lowest value in the whole of Europe.

Rising Smartphone use because of the Lockdown

The survey also revealed that Smartphone use is shot on the entire continent in the height: More than seven out of ten respondents use their mobile phone since the beginning of the lock downs are more frequent than before. In particular, young people from three countries have declared that in 2020 a lot more time in front of the Display spent – in France, 55 percent in Italy, 56 percent in Spain, 51 per cent.

Nomophobia is increasing

OnePlus also asked young people whether “Nomophobia”, a recognised condition, which describes the fear, to have no functioning mobile phone in the Lockdown occurs life. The results are clear: The British people feel the fear the most. 32 percent would even make the diagnosis of Nomophobia – more than in any other European country. Also, 30 percent of respondents from Spain said to suffer from Nomophobia. In Germany agreed with this statement less than 25 percent.

The survey also found that young people are regularly exposed to the risk of Nomophobia. 13 per cent did not reply to a message, in order to save battery, while only seven percent take no measures to prevent that your phone go out. A few of the young people to use Alternatives, to ask as a Stranger, to his phone use (9 %) or a coin to pull the phone into account 6 %) (.