Xiaomi revolutionized the way cell phones are charged

The Chinese Smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi has unveiled a new technology that could change everything. In the future, you will have to cell phones, to classic cable or a charging station to recharge, but simply by being in the vicinity of a truly cable-free charging station.


Xiaomi Mi Air Charge Technology charges mobile phones completely wirelessly

Many companies are working on a technology that devices like Smartphones can wirelessly charge. Xiaomi is doing exactly now to become a reality. The Mi Air Charge Technology allows Smartphones without direct contact with a charging station to recharge. This works over a distance of a few meters, and even if objects are in the way. So far a speed of 5 watts is possible, which can be delivered to multiple devices. The Station is of course connected to the electricity grid, distributed energy, but then completely wireless in the room, as in the following Animation demonstrates:

The Smartphones will in future be fitted with a corresponding receiver, which receives the energy and charges the battery. You would have to set up so would at home or wherever these charging stations, getting energy into the battery powered get. This is developed really strongly, you would have to charge his cell phone basically never classic. Xiaomi is not asserted that it is Science Fiction. This is really the case in practice.

Xiaomi ahead of the competition:

Xioami will make the household wirelessly

However, not only Smartphones are expected to benefit from the new technology. Devices like smart speakers, lamps or other small household products to completely can wirelessly be charged, in order to create a budget without cable. Xiaomi is also working, that this technology can also be used in Wearables such as Smartwatches or Fitness trackers to use. Currently at 5 watts, it is limited in the devices somewhat, but this is only the first Generation. In the future could be much more to come, and Xiaomi is at the forefront, to put into effect.