Ten tips for the Home-vacation home-office

Corona-Pandemic Ten tips for the Home-vacation home-office

Dorothee Quitter

The Lockdown is until 18. April 2021 extended. Easter holiday is a holiday in your own four walls. This Destination has become for many Employees to the home office and is reminiscent of the work. As a Regeneration, however, can succeed.


It is important that the holiday brings relaxation with.
It is important that the holiday brings relaxation with.

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Social distance, Homeschooling, agreement of childcare and work, Concerns about your own health or family issues that make Employees currently faced with challenges. To take advantage of the upcoming holiday is the time for Regeneration, is now all the more important to get our strength back. Because it is not yet clear how the pandemic will develop, it is important to continue to live and with the restrictions in the holiday season. The following tips from the Institute for applied work science can contribute to the stress of everyday life and the work of home and to relax a little:

  • You create the work, equipment for the vacation time: Not everyone has for the home office to a spare room available. So, for example, the kitchen or the living room had to be used. For the holiday time, it is not recommended to restore the original state, so that these Central places are a constant reminder of the work. The work equipment, for example, can be for this time in the safe place in the basement or utility room are placed.
  • Show your colleagues in a timely manner to your holiday: Essential duties, or concerns can be discussed in advance with you in a virtual Meeting or a telephone conference, and colleagues do not need to contact you during your holiday.
  • Are you planning a Transfer, therefore, at best a few days before your last working day. During the hectic holiday is quickly forget the other important Detail to remember, then, might be only in your holiday deliveries in the last Minute. The better your representation is informed, the more relaxed you can enjoy your holiday.
  • Please inform your contact person and the customer about their absence. Share who you are in urgent cases, and what contact way can turn to.
  • Make a priority list. You see what still needs to be urgently done prior to your absence. The more you complete them prior to your holiday, the sooner you can go with a “clear head” in the holidays.
  • You agree as a few dates in the first days after your holiday. So there is more time to find a relaxed back into the Job and tasks, as well as requests that have accumulated during your holiday, to execute.
  • Do not forget to E-Mail to enable out of office assistant. This should inform the sender about your return date and what happens in the meantime, his E-Mail. The wizard should give information about whether the received message is forwarded to a representative, or if there is the opportunity to apply directly to the representation.
  • To set your phone to colleagues, or activate an answering machine. The caller will be informed and/or requests can be answered in spite of their absence directly.
  • Try to avoid them now in a vacation to constantly read your business messages. The pandemic has driven the digitization and allows employees time and location to work flexibly. What is on the one hand, can be a blessing, on the other hand, however, that leisure and work time merge too much. Even if you get the curiosity and mobile technologies allow to avoid the look in your business emails. This prevents that you can deal with it on a holiday think of new tasks and activities, and not shut down.
  • Plan your vacation home. Also in the home, there is always something to do. This can lead to the fact that, in spite of holidays, no proper rest stops. Therefore, this holiday should be something planned. Think about what is good for them in the rule, and fun. Leisure activities, such as Biking, inline skating or Walking in the fresh air are good for the body, mind and soul and may be exercised, in spite of Corona. You still think of the necessary hygiene measures, such as 1.5 meters distance to keep the other, coughing and Sneezing into the crook of one arm and, if necessary, the Wearing of a mouth-nose-protection. Keep away from you, however, are also out of crowds of people.

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