the Bitcoin acceptance for Xbox-User is now?

The Software giant Microsoft is preparing to expand its classical methods of payment to Bitcoin. At the beginning of a User survey is first.

Rising prices of crypto-currencies and a variety of institutional investors in the attention. The Software giant Microsoft is considering, apparently, to allow payments in crypto-currencies for the Community of its consoles in the Xbox family. On the Social Media platform Reddit is a Screenshot to see a survey that refers to the payment options for the Xbox add-on content. In the third question is: “Which of these the other payment ways you would like to use with the Xbox?” There is given as an option in addition to credit card also have the Option to vote for Bitcoin.

Whether it will be in the near future, a direct Integration on the part of Microsoft, however, is not sure. So far, the Xbox skill of the player in the German Version Microsoft Store with direct debit, PayPal and major Debit and credit cards numbers. A further possibility is, by means of a classical gift cards from retail stores to charge his credit. In the relevant Online Shops, there are, of course, the digital counterparts of these coupons.

Microsoft is already paying royalties on Blockchain

For many gamers, the detour via the so-called keys is the Creator of the biggest popularity. This Key is the license code that the game can be played and is much lower than the price that Microsoft calls for the original games. Just in older titles, the Savings is even higher. Microsoft has often drawn to the Annoyance of the Xbox Fans, because even in older Games, the prices down have been adjusted. However, the Purchase of these Keys is not authorized official keys-sellers is also associated with a high degree of risk, because you can’t be sure if the game runs then actually.

There was once a Rendezvous for the Xbox with the Blockchain. However, it was in the first line to, payments to the game developer and the administration of the game right. A possibility could be, therefore, to place the non-legitimate keys sellers in the craft.


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Although it is not evident that Microsoft will actually accept payments via Bitcoin. Nevertheless, the poll started beating alone in some user forums high waves. Some complain about the high with a Bitcoin-related transaction costs. Now, even if the Xbox gets inventor and payments by Bitcoin, allowing, is probably not plausible to assume that other methods of payment are eligible.

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