For Samsung and Xiaomi, things are going well in the smartphone market. But there is an interesting competitor that is becoming more and more interesting, which is building better and better mobile phones from model to model. It’s about Motorola.

Motorola Mobility

Motorola is building a real mega-smartphone

In recent months, Motorola has again become a very interesting smartphone manufacturer. After the acquisition of Lenovo and the attempt to stamp in the brand “Motorola”, the legendary name has been saved and now they are building great smartphones. An absolute high-end model will be presented shortly. The company has now officially teased this:

Motorola is building a camera smartphone with 200 MP. (Image source: Weibo)

In July 2022, the presentation of the new Motorola smartphones with 200 MP camera place. The sensor should come from Samsung, because the company has recently presented a new generation of the 200 MP sensor, which should once again allow much better photos. The first generation was not picked up by manufacturers, the new generation seems to work better. Motorola would be the first company to introduce a smartphone with a 200 MP camera.

Already at the beginning of the year, rumors about the Motorola “Frontier” appeared. Even then it was speculated that a 200 MP sensor will be installed in the new mobile phone. Furthermore, it is expected that the new Snapdragon 8 + Gen 1 will be used there, as well as a 6.67-Inch OLED display with 144 Hz. Motorola would overtake all current smartphones – whether it’s the camera, the processor or the display. Only dedicated gaming smartphones usually have a display with more than 120 Hz.

The current high-end smartphone from Motorola:

Is the new Motorola phone coming to Germany?

The chances for this are not so bad. The Chinese company has recently brought many of its smartphones to us, so we currently believe that this could also happen with the new top smartphone. With all the superlatives of the new phones, Motorola would definitely cause a stir.