Samsung has introduced in Germany, a new feature that everyone should use, the do not want to lose his equipment. The company allows the recovery of Smartphones, Tablets, Smartwatches, and Bluetooth headphones – even if they are offline.

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Samsung introduces smart things Find

Samsung has launched some time ago in the world the Service SmartThings Find for Galaxy devices. If you set up the free service, you can find its devices, even if they are offline. That doesn’t work only locally in your own four walls, but also everywhere else. Samsung takes advantage of the dense network of Galaxy devices, which receive signals-lost devices, encrypted to send Samsung and the owners and then on a map to the lost device. Samsung makes not dependent on Wi-Fi or a cellular network, but uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), and partly ultra-wide band (UWB). The Samsung Galaxy Note, 20 Ultra and Z Fold 2, the latest UWB technology.

In the following Video will demonstrate the best case of Samsung:

What is important is that many owners of Galaxy devices smart things Find set. The only way Samsung can catch both signals from other devices, as well as find. In the App you can then determine which devices you want to register. From then on, you can get the site view, down to navigate and ringing when it is in the vicinity. Only the owner gets the information from Samsung appears. The service should be very safe.

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Samsung is planning more smart things Find

So far, SmartThings Find only supports devices from Samsung. In the future, the company will also integrate Tracking Tags, which you can then find keys, wallets and the like again. Samsung would combine everything in one App and at the same time the gigantic network of Galaxy devices use in order to make the function very accurately. If you want to enable the feature, go into the SmartThings App on a Samsung phone and starts the device. This is now possible in Germany.