Unique Android Tablet with LTE to the hammer price

Aldi currently is a very unusual Android is sold Tablet. It is intended to fulfil two purposes and is placed attractively priced. The built-in LTE Modem makes the device even more interesting. GIGA has the Details for you.

Aldi sell Android Tablet by Lenovo

Update from the 23.12.2020: Online the Android Tablet from Lenovo at Aldi is out of stock already, in the North stores you could buy it today and tomorrow. However, you must remember that the piece is limited and the interest is very large, so you might be out of print. In addition, the discounters in the morning on Christmas a lot shorter. Usually only until 13:00.

As an Alternative, there is the newer model without LTE at Amazon for a price of only 169 euros. If you are not on the mobile web, but higher resolution when Display is preferred, should there strike.

Original article:

Who wants to buy currently have an Android Tablet, the a bit more on it, you can check out the offer from Aldi. There is the Lenovo Smart Tab M10 HD for only 173 Euro offered. The special feature of the Tablet is that it is not just a Tablet, but is at the same time with a “Smart Dock” to an Alexa-speaker. Just in the bracket and put the Tablet into a smart Display with improved speakers. So you can see then also films, TV shows and YouTube Videos better. The offer is valid from today, Aldi Nord in the stores or online at Aldi delivers.

The technical equipment of the Lenovo Smart Tab M10 HD is rather located at the lower end. You get loud and Aldi have a HD Display, 2 GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal memory. As the system 10 but has been running Android on it and you get a LTE Modem, so that you can stay in the network. Aldi even attaches a SIM card with 10 Euro credit, so that you can get started right away. Who like the concept, but the resolution is too low, the can grab at Amazon for the Full HD Version for 169 euros. But without LTE.

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For whom is this Android Tablet from Aldi is worthwhile?

In the end, for all not just want to have a just a simple Android Tablet, but expect more. The “Smart Dock” creates a completely new purpose and makes the sound when Listening to music or watching a movie is much better. Nevertheless, one has not only a smart Display such as the Amazon, but also a Tablet that you can take without problems anywhere. By LTE it stays connected to the network. A great idea that arrives in the buyers very well. At a price of 173 Euro, you can expect no technical wonder, but it is a solid device.