Watch the successful series on free TV for the first time

Netflix costs money and there is no free trial subscription either. Nevertheless, you can already watch one of the successful series completely free of charge on free TV from June. What, when and where? GIGA knows the answers and reveals how you can save money.


Netflix hit “Dead Girls Don’t Lie” for Free on Pluto TV

The Netflix series “Dead Girls Don’t Lie” was a great success for the streaming provider and got a total of four seasons, the last one was released in June two years ago. Now she’s coming to free TV. However, if you look at RTL and Co., you will not find what you are looking for. You can watch the series from June 4 at the ad-financed streaming service Pluto TV (Source: Viewpoint:Film).

As you know, you can use it for free in your browser and on various devices – iPhone, Android phones, tablets, Amazon Fire TV Stick, PlayStation and many more. Without registration, just switch on and go. In contrast to classic streaming providers, however, the series is not provided on demand, but is broadcast at a certain time, as in classic television – i.e. via livestream. Pluto TV will broadcast two episodes of “Dead Girls Don’t Lie” every day from June 4th, it starts at 22 o’clock.

There is a small foretaste in the trailer for the series:

What is the Netflix series?

But is the series worth it at all? After all, “Dead Girls Don’t Lie” is still at number nine on the English-language all-time series charts with 475.5 million hours of viewing time in the first four weeks. At IMDb, the Netflix hit receives a rating of 7.5 out of 10 points. On Rotten Tomatoes, the professional critics were less convinced, awarding only 35 percent on the Tomatometer. Ergo: It’s better to take a look and make a judgment for yourself.

If you already have a Netflix subscription, we have some good tips for you:

But what is it all about? Student Hannah Baker killed herself, her classmate Clay Jensen receives a package two weeks after her death. In it, seven audio cassettes discussed by Hannah. In them, she names 13 reasons for her suicide (hence the original title of the series “13 Reasons Why”) and names fellow human beings who are complicit in her suicide – Clay is one of them. But more is not revealed at this point.

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