Bitcoin Mining with the Gameboy

Hodler are not the only ones who benefit from rising crypto rates. Because Miner a drive bigger returns. Bitcoin miner Hut 8 wants cake, therefore, a piece from the Ether.

The Bitcoin Miner from Hut 8 in the future want to mine other crypto currencies. For the Mining of Ethereum and co., the canadian company has invested so now, 30 million US dollars in the purchase of NVIDIA’s new CMP Mining Chips.

Hat 8 specifiesto want to own Hashrate by this purchase order to 1 .600 Gigahash to expand. The Chips are to be delivered from may to the company, the counts in the Bitcoin area already one of the largest miners. With more than 3,000 Bitcoin hat 8 also holds the largest amount of self-mined BTC.

Beyond Bitcoin: Ethereum-Mining is gaining importance

With the Nvidia Chips hat would like to open up 8 additional sources of income in addition to the unbroken lucrative Bitcoin business. Because while Bitcoin Miner in 2021 to celebrate record sales, the income in the Ethereum-Mining due to the increasing rate of the second largest crypto currency.

This development also left on the graphics card market has clear traces. Since Chips from Nvidia are well-suited to the mines of Ether, a covered miners diligently with the Gaming graphics cards. Bottlenecks, exploding delivery prices and dissatisfied Gamer Nvidia prompted, the CMP-series to introduce. It is specially tailored to the needs of miners. Jaime Leverton, CEO of Hut 8, welcomes this new feature:

The acceptance and the development of solutions that interact with various Blockchain networks are, as never before, and open up many opportunities in a variety of industries. We are incredibly excited to have these powerful CMPs in our fleet. We believe that the Mining will open with CMPs new opportunities for hat 8 and allows us, our long – and short-term plans for increased and diversified revenue streams to continue to implement.