Xiaomi shows Samsung, how to do it right

Samsung currently dominates the market for foldable Smartphone. Now a strong competitor to move in with Xiaomi, however, has not presented with the Mi Mix Fold is an exciting foldable phone that makes a big mistake from Samsung.


Xiaomi Mi Mix Fold: Affordable folding phone from China

Samsung has requested for the market launch of the Galaxy Z Fold 2 proud 2,000 euros. This is really a lot of money for an experimental mobile phone. Xiaomi makes it better. The equivalent of “only” about 1,300 euros, the Mi Mix Fold costs. Since the initial find it much easier, when you consider that a Mi 11 Ultra is a 1,200 Euro for it, you get the Mi Mix Fold but basically the two devices. Technically, you have to make compromises and even get some special features. This includes first liquid lens in the 108-megapixel camerathat is also supported by the own “Surge C1″image signal processor.

The Xiaomi Mi Mix Fold but has even more to offer. The phone is equipped with two Displays. The foldable screen on the Inside measures 8.01 inch with WQHD+ is very high. The aspect ratio is 4:3 and the refresh rate is 60 Hertz. The Chinese manufacturer says that it is to 200,000 folds has been tested. So it should be relatively robust. On the outside there is a second Display, the measures of 6.52 inches in diagonal and with HD+ resolution. This has a refresh rate of 90 Hertz, but a ratio of 27:9. So it’s very narrow and long. A Problem of all of the folding mobile phones with an external display. In the following screen you can see the Design in Detail:

Xiaomi Mi Mix Fold with High-End amenities

The Mi Mix Fold is, of course, Snapdragon 888 powered, 12, or 16 GB of RAM and 256 or 512 GB of internal storage to the side. The battery measures 5.020 mAh and the 67-Watt fast-charging technology in only 37 minutes to fully charge. Xiaomi has also integrated a “3D-Panorama Sound System” with four speakers. To ensure the consumption of content for the perfect sound. As a Partner, Harman Kardon occurs here. A 5G Modem is of course used also. Xiaomi has also Software of Android 11, MIUI for the folding mobile phone adjusted.

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The Xiaomi Mi Mix Fold to Germany?

Although we have not to get a German press release, there was in it, whether the folding phone, the Mi Mix Fold is coming to Germany. In China, the device can be pre-ordered for Xiaomi already. Until then, those interested can pick up the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2, which is now sold for just over € 1,100.