New release for XPhone Connect 9

C4B Softphone in the app
New release for XPhone Connect 9

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The German software manufacturer C4B presents a new release for XPhone Connect 9. A softphone is now available to users of the UCC solution in the mobile app, via which they can make calls via WLAN or mobile radio.

The heart of the new XPhone Connect 9 version is the softphone in the mobile app.
The heart of the new XPhone Connect 9 version is the softphone in the mobile app.

(Picture: C4B )

C4B is giving the UCC solution XPhone Connect 9 a new release. The main innovation is the softphone in the mobile app, through which users can now make calls both in the WLAN and in the mobile network. In addition, according to the manufacturer, it is also possible to switch fluently between WLAN and mobile communications as well as between different WLAN access points. Thanks to the softphone, call control functions such as forwarding, inquiry or toggling are now also available in the mobile app. According to C4B, the rollout will take place successively in various network constellations with partners and customers.

Other new features: Desktop, external calls and Microsoft

Furthermore, the desktop client also gets an upgrade. With the new release, the audio stream can be routed past the VPN. This is to ensure better quality. In addition, it should now be possible to conduct twice as many external conversations. The prerequisite is that customers use the new option to outsource the “XPhone Call Controller” (XCC) to a Linux satellite.

Another change concerns the partnership with Microsoft. The already announced bidirectional presence comparison of XPhone Connect with Microsoft Teams is now available.

In addition, the new release XPhone is now being released for Office 365. Accordingly, the UCC solution automatically compares the Office 365 calendar and sets up the desired call redirects if necessary. In addition, Office 365 meetings can be created and edited from the XPhone client. Call notes can also be sent.

Special promotion for the specialist trade

At the start of sales of XPhone Connect 9, C4B launches a discount campaign for partners. For each new XPhone customer, the manufacturer increases the margin by 8 percent. Depending on the term of the software assurance “XPhone Up2Date”, the margin can be further increased: to an extra margin of 10 percent for a 3-year term up to 12 percent for a 5-year term.


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