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IT service price mirror 2021 The current service to see prices

The pricing of services is often a balancing act between too expensive, and too little margin. In order to keep the Balance, there’s only one: Look like the others. The price level of the Synaxon Academy gives a detailed Overview.


Of service, price level, IT company, for a price and services.
Of service, price level, IT company, for a price and services.

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The pricing of IT Services is such a thing: What should it cost Service? I take too much? Do I earn too little? A practice-oriented insight and An Overview about the current price situation of IT services, the service level of the Synaxon Academy. Over 700 system houses the various Synaxon composite groups have taken part in 2020 in mind. This shows that, as before, the shortage of skilled workers in 61% of the IT companies in pandemic times, the biggest challenge of all. However, the current survey shows that the order of operations and the investment climate with more than 42 percent is the second-biggest challenge. For comparison: In the previous year, the restructuring of the business model was in second place still. But now to the Numbers.

Hourly Rates

The current average hourly rate for IT services is 84,83 Euro (all net). Thus, he is somewhat less than in the previous year, as the hourly rate was 85,19 Euro. Within the last twelve months, 43.9 per cent of the respondents have raised their prices, 55.7 percent say they have no changes made. Generally speaking, the average price of services has increased in the last ten years, around 25 percent, and in 2010, this was 68,63 Euro.

The Daily Rates

The daily rates decreased on average over the same period from 2017 to 2019. The price reductions are distributed very differently to the various activity types. The daily rates of programming services decreased from 924,96 Euro 2018 on 881,62 Euro 2020. The daily rate for a technician for Standard IT services has fallen (2019: 745,36 Euro per day; 2020: 731,40 Euro per day). The daily rates for consulting services in the privacy decline since 2018 and are now at 935,13 euros (2017: 838,39 Euro; 2018: 1.009,EUR 25; 2019: 978,81 Euro).

The Packages

With regard to the rates for IT services was a mixed picture. The travel costs per kilometre 2020 increased to a minimum. (2017: EUR 1.99; 2018: € 1.23; 2019: 1,01 Euro 2020: 1,03 Euros). The Supplement for service (24/7) fell (2017: monthly 402,35 Euro; 2018: monthly 390,04 Euro; 2019: monthly 465,23 Euro 2020: monthly 402,35 Euro).

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Managed Services

A hit in the Managed Services have become a way for many of the system houses the most important pillar were, 2020, with a rising trend thanks to the Corona pandemic.

One of the top Sellers 2020 Microsoft 365/Hosted Exchange. Compared to the results of 2019 has increased the demand for these services significantly (2019: 38,99 %; 2020: 58,56 %). For more in demand and sales Renner Server Monitoring with other Services (50,71% in 2019 to 57,36% in 2020) and Managed Backup (of 32,96% in 2019 to 47,09% 2020).

Outlook for 2021

And how the future of IT looks a-service market? The biggest challenge for 61,47% of the respondents, system houses the shortage of skilled workers, followed by the location of the order/investment climate (42,71 %). With the restructuring of the business model 38,67 percent are employed.

Optimistic respondents are compared to the sales for 2021. 15,15% of the survey participants expect a growth of more than 20 percent and more 32,76 percent expect up to 20 percent more revenue. 34,05% of the respondents expect to be in about the same revenue as in the previous year to achieve. However, 18.4 percent suspect that there is a decline.

Information about the study

The Synaxon Academy since 2010, regularly nationwide anonymous surveys to services, hourly rates, and developments in IT companies and system houses. The resulting service level gives a representative Overview of the developments and includes both business and private retail Segment, as well as different regions.